In-person Shabbat services: Opportunities and information

[As of May 24, 2021]

We are excited to announce that beginning Friday night, May 28, we are offering limited capacity seating for services in Stern Chapel, with advance registration, for vaccinated members. We are also continuing our commitment to robust online participation.

The words of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel resonate as we offer multiple pathways to living vibrant Jewish lives: “The meaning of the Sabbath is to celebrate time rather than space.” Our Shabbat experiences, from everywhere we gather, are designed to embrace our whole community in weekly renewal, rest and reflection. 

Thanks to the miracle of vaccination and our steady commitment to keep ourselves and others safe, we are experimenting with a model of worship that makes real our determination to be a multi-access community. Details are below. We will continue to refine our model in the days and weeks ahead and share as we have updates. 

We look forward to seeing you, panim el panim, sacred face to sacred face, online or in-person soon.

registration required in advance

A registration process has been created that is equitable and accessible and ensures we can gather safely and joyfully. We are pleased to now invite members to attend in person as often as they’d like, as space allows. The Thursday weekly email will indicate if seating is still available. If you are celebrating a simcha or observing a first or second-year yahrzeit, please let us know and we’ll make sure there’s room for you. Register here.

prepare: before you come*

Congregational Gathering and Staff Health Form
If you are coming to Temple for a congregational service or other gathering, please fill out the health questionnaire here, which includes Our Brit: A Covenant of Care, within 24 hours of your planned arrival at Temple. The Brit, which has been approved by the Board of Trustees, expresses our commitment to maintaining a safe environment for everyone.

Life Cycle, Family Services and School Events Form
Please fill out the form here if you are in the building to attend a life-cycle event, a worship service for families or a school meeting or event.

Upon completion of either form, you will receive an email with a green checkmark indicating that you are cleared to enter the building. Masks are required to be worn in the building.

For more information

What to Expect at Services
Here’s our guide to experiencing services in-person or online. Spoiler alert: They’re both great!

General FAQs
We have developed a list of frequently asked questions for further transparency on Temple’s current practices regarding being COVID safe.

Family Engagement this Summer

Temple continues to find ways for families to gather this summer–watch for details!

*A message from our Medical Advisory Task Force
Our knowledge of Covid-19 continues to evolve and we recommend that we err on the side of caution:
Those who are not vaccinated against Covid-19 are at increased risk of infection to themselves and others. Covid infection has the significant potential not only to harm the one infected but to increase the already high burden on health care professionals.
Many common conditions are associated with decreased response to vaccination. With or without vaccination, these conditions are also associated with increased risk of infection and worse outcomes if infected, including hospitalization, long-haul Covid, and death: A weakened immune system due to immunosuppressive therapy, autoimmune disorders and HIV; those 65 and older; those with current malignancies and/or on cancer-directed therapies; diabetes; chronic lung disease; chronic liver disease; chronic kidney disease; chronic heart disease and obesity. It would be safest for individuals with these conditions to experience Temple online. Please check with your doctor and/or reputable online resources such as if you have questions about your own risk, vaccinations, or anything else related to Covid-19.

The COVID Advisory Team includes Julie Bleicher, Liz Chalfant, Beth Gold, Meredith Fried, Barbara Hyman, Bob Krakow, Rabbi Debra Robbins, and Jon Rollins.

The Medical Advisory Task Force includes Drs. Bob Fine (internal medicine), Micah Jacobs (pediatric urology), Nurse Brook Salisbury, Ellen Sher (pediatric endocrinology), Richard Wasserman (immunology) and L.E. Wolovitz (pediatrics).